Who We Are

E3: Education, Excellence & Equity was founded in 2008 through a passion to end systemic inequity. We audaciously envision a future free of educational inequity. We envision a future where educators embrace the lived and learned experiences of each student, and value the strengths that each student brings.  In this future, all students excel in obtaining the skills needed for their next steps in an ever-changing world. 

Our Vision: a world where every student is brilliant

E3 Educate

What’s missing: our educational pipeline is structurally damaged. Less than 5% of college graduates are excellently prepared for the workforce in the United States and 15% of the world’s population is unable to read. Children die physically, mentally and spiritually when they are institutionally led to believe they have nothing to offer in this world. 

The opportunity: 
provide a framework that values the diverse and rich experiences our students bring to the classroom, and translate these life experiences into valuable skills. 

Our Mission: E3 actualizes educational equity by reframing excellence. Through training, coaching, and specialized tools, E3 supports educators to embrace the diverse lived experiences of all students, and supports students in achieving their full potential.

  • We determine the most effective engagement strategies for each child
  • We identify the strengths that students bring to a classroom through our asset-based assessment tools
  • We provide extensive training and coaching for educators and service providers to ensure educational excellence with an equity lens


We're Celebrating our 10th Anniversary!

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And we have results!



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