E3 has step-by-step tools to help you better engage youth towards success. Licensing varies by tool.

Educational Strengths Assessment Tool (ESAT)

Educational Strengths Assessment Tool (ESAT)

The Educational Strengths Assessment Tool (ESAT) is a qualitative assessment that determines a student’s extra-academic strengths based on their life-skills and helps translate those skills into success in the classroom and the future workplace. 

Designed for all students to identify and validate the skills they already bring into the classroom (Innovation, Adaptability, Critical Thinking, Cross-cultural Communication, & Teamwork)
Engagement Identification Tool (EIT)

Engagement Identification Tool (EIT)

E3’s Engagement Identification Tool (EIT)  analyzes student data points, identifies optimal learning styles, and relationship-building methods, and helps educators create individualized engagement strategies for each student. Designed for all educators to accurately identify appropriate resources and engagement strategies for every student

Equity Empowerment Tool (EET)

The Equity Empowerment Tool (EET) is a conflict resolution tool with a self-reflective protocol to identify our socially constructed lenses which influence our biases and actions. This protocol is intended for those who wish to engage in effective and inclusive dialogues within increasingly diverse communities. Designed for all educators to reduce unconscious bias and address issues of equity as a self-reflective practice. 

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