Let's learn together! In order to achieve educational excellence with equity, we have to fully understand educational equity and the barriers that are currently preventing us from realizing our goal. Join E3 in this quest to create a better system for all students. Check out the different ways we can partner together:

Simplest way to get started

Join our E3 community of Master Educators

Be a part of community of teachers working together on the same solutions to improve their classroom experience. E3 provides teachers with a 2.5 day Art of Master Educator Institute and 3 follow-up workshops spread throughout the school year, for in-depth on-going support. Our teacher training is based on the foundation of a Critical Pedagogy Framework (CPF) developed by Paulo Freire, which acknowledges the diversity of learners, educators, learning styles and teaching strategies. The goal is for teachers to increase engagement as well as to reinforce the most effective strengths-based teaching strategies. This pedagogical approach specifically focuses on skills such as self-awareness, cultural competency and inclusivity. The most unique aspect of this training is that “at-risk” youth co-facilitate one of the workshops alongside expert trainers. Interested? Join a cohort near you:

Attend a Conference with E3

Build your equity muscle with us!


Sign Up for a Personalized Deep Dive Training

Build your equity muscle in our intensive equity trainings! Engage in our tailored made experiences where you’ll spend some time doing some personal self-discovery as well as co-develop a strategy to improve student success in your class! Then follow- up in 3 workshops spread throughout the school year, for in-depth on-going support. This package also includes a year-long license of our E3 tools.

Interested? Email us today and let us know you'd like to sign up for a deep dive training!


"Dr. Arauz' passion and expertise regarding inclusion in the independent school context has been very helpful for our community.  He approaches the subject from the broadest possible perspective and helped enlighten us as to the far reaching value and impact of this most vital work."
-B. Schlaak, Head of Upper School, Woodside Priory School