Educator Training

E3 provides teachers with a 3.5 day Summer Institute and 3 follow-up workshops spread throughout the school year, for in-depth on-going support.  Our teacher training is based on the foundation of a Critical Pedagogy Framework (CPF) developed by Paulo Freire, which acknowledges the diversity of learners, educators, learning styles and teaching strategies.  The goal is for teachers to increase engagement as well as to reinforce the most effective strengths-based teaching strategies.  This pedagogical approach specifically focuses on skills such as self-awareness, cultural competency and inclusivity.  The most unique aspect of this training is that “at-risk” youth co-facilitate one of the workshops alongside expert trainers.


Our goals are:

  • To equip participants with strategies on how to develop structures and implement practical activities that will engage every student.
  • To engage participants in a critical inquiry process about the impact of educational content, pedagogical methods, and assessment measures with a diverse population of learners.
  • To enhance teachers’ ability to infuse five essential 21st century competencies into daily lesson plans as a way to engage every student.


As a result of E3 professional development, participants will:

  • Successfully demonstrate a conceptual understanding of how social constructs impact the educational environment.
  •         *  Measurement: Assessment of the implementation of the C.P.F. reflection worksheet & C.P.F. transparency worksheet.
  • Successfully demonstrate their ability in preparing students for a global society.
  •         *  Measurement: Assessment of increased engagement from students and implementation of Cultural Resilience activities.


Participants will also receive:

  • 3 CEU's from Dominican University of California
  • Tools to implement aligned with Common Core & state standards
  • A year-long license for use of the Educational Strengths Assessment Tool
  • Curriculum resources that combine Project-Based Learning with Multicultural Education practices
  • A community based experience facilitated by professionally trained students


Beginner (1st year)
3 day training (plus 3 follow-up trainings) focusing on 4 key contexts & practical tools for the classroom:

  • Understanding Privilege: A historical context of the U.S. educational system
  • Naming your world: Creating your own story through epistemology
  • Multicultural Education: Creating a cultural context for every student
  • 100% engagement for all students using 21st century competencies

Advanced (2nd year)
3 day training in which participants delve deeper into the 4 contexts (defined to left) and share their progress, ideas, and feedback in regards to the on-going journey of making education an empowering system for diverse student, teacher, and administrative populations within our 21st century.  Includes 3 follow-up workshops during the school year.

"Through the summer session and into the school year, I felt I was given not only the tools, but also the added ammunition from E3 to be more effective as a Teacher and ally for my youth in East Oakland.  I was given exceptional support, resources, and energy from E3, and felt both prepared as well as motivated in meeting my duties of helping my students strive for their absolute best.  Nearly 3/4 quarters of the year in, and I'm still feeling the positive effects of my time in E3, and intend on furthering my work of critical pedagogy, project based learning, and everything else in-between in improving my practice, and in turn, my students' individual and collective performance.  Thank you E3 for making me better, to help my youth be better."

John Villanueva Nepomuceno 
2010-2011 Participating Teacher
Mandela High School in Oakland, CA