Identification & Assessment Program

Despite the fact that most schools have the data on their students’ performance, many have not developed an efficient process that allows them to match the right intervention & support to the needs & strengths of each student. E3’s unique identification & assessment tool provides recommendations for effective engagement strategies specific to the needs of each student, which allows schools and service providers to be more efficient in allocating their limited resources.
Engagement Identification Tool (E.I.T.)
"The Lesson Plan": Dr. Arauz, developed this tool under the guidance of Larry Rosenberger, who is the former CEO of Fair Isaacs, the acclaimed risk-scoring company. With this unique tool to synthesize data collected of 12 variables (4 academic, 3 behavioral, and 5 demographic), we are able to identify the most effective engagement strategy for each individual student, providing teachers with valuable insight to promote deeper learning in their classrooms.

Educational Strengths Assessment Tool (E.S.A.T.)
"The Real Test": Cultural resilience is what we call the competencies acquired through diverse life experiences, which then become the foundation from which students can develop essential 21st century skills: innovation, adaptability, critical analysis, cross-cultural communication, and teamwork. Combining quantitative and qualitative data, we assess students' cultural resilience to further refine the engagement strategies to be implemented at each school site. As a result, students can learn how to translate their competencies into five essential 21st century skills that are in high demand from universities and professions.

To maximize the value of this assessment, visit our Resources Page  for an overview of the tool for teachers (during in-service training), administrators, parents, and other service providers.

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