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What if you were told your entire like that you are not smart, will fail, and that you are 'the problem'. Unfortunately, many students are constantly being told how unimportant they are. Help E3 and the educators that we work with empower our young people who need it the most. When you give to E3: Education, Excellence, & Equity you invest in the leaders of today and tomorrow. You give students the confidence to excel in the classroom and beyond, explore their cultural roots, and know just how brilliant they are.

Here’s what your donation can do:

$10 provides online access for one student to the E3 ESAT

covers a workbook for one student or educator


$250 provides 5 online coaching sessions for an educator

supports an educator to attend an Equity Guided Conference

sponsors a school/organization wide assessment and access to the E3 tools

$5000 covers year-long training and coaching support for an educator

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