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Rio 2016 Global Summit

8/29/2016 0 Comments

Rio 2016 Global Summit

E3: Education, Excellence & Equity is going international as I have been invited to participate as a "Featured Voice" in the Global Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil from August 23-27, 2016!  This unprecedented opportunity is yet another point of validation of how the simple concept of using an equity lens to translate one’s life experience into life skills in a way that illuminates everyone’s strengths is possible.


Since I cannot bring the entire E3 network with me, my goal is to highlight a few key relationships that I have established. My request is if I can bring your name and our past work to share with the world.  In a pragmatic sense, this means that I will have a slide with your name and our working relationship. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


I share this with obvious excitement and a stronger conviction that the message of E3 continues to gain momentum. I realize that this is my passion and expertise but without your support, this work since 2008 could not exist. Therefore, I am asking if you can FORWARD AND SHARE this email with your network as we never know whose lives we will touch. I have learned from our millennials that this is what it means to go viral - so let's have the message of E3 go viral: One cannot have educational excellence without equity! 



  • Invite all your friends to like The Global Summit Page in the same way as step one!! 
  • Share our social media content using hashtags like: 
    • #TheGlobalSummit OR #BeAPartOfIt OR #YourVoiceCounts OR #GameOn OR #ArtistsInAction
  • And any other creative or cool # you can think of :) 


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