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Remembering Dr. Price Cobbs

7/2/2018 0 Comments

Internationally recognized psychiatrist, author, D&I consultant, and a beloved mentor and member of E3's Advisory Council, Dr. Price Cobbs passed on June 25, 2018. 

Reflections from JuanCarlos Arauz:

As I reflect on the life of Price Cobbs, an amazing human being who lived a full and meaningful life, I am most struck by his humility and curiosity. With all the accolades that he earned, he always wanted to know what my generation was thinking, what I was up to. He took the time to listen. We met regularly for lunch down the street from his home. During these lunches, he was just as casual as ever and excited about what the next day was going to offer. I am deeply grateful that he saw the brilliance of E3's work, and for his eagerness to be supportive however he could. I will miss his gentle nature to push my thinking, to push possibilities. I will miss his encouraging words to keep focusing on my work and family, and his passion for each human being to live their fullest potential. I am honored for his contributions to my personal and professional growth and the growth of the E3 organization.


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