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Remembering Dr. Price Cobbs

7/2/2018 0 Comments

Internationally recognized psychiatrist, author, D&I consultant, and a beloved mentor and member of E3's Advisory Council, Dr. Price Cobbs passed on June 25, 2018. 

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21st-Century Skills Are The Answer For Student Success

7/2/2018 0 Comments

As a result of globalization and advances in technology, people have more access to more knowledge on a cell phone than an Encyclopedia Britannica. An overwhelming amount of information can be stored in technology like Google, YouTube, iPhone, apps, etc. Therefore, one's value is no longer based solely on what one knows.

Unfortunately, our schools are set up and continue, to measure success primarily through content knowledge.

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What Is the Difference Between In-Risk and At-Risk Students?

6/27/2018 0 Comments

How does equity affect education? What's the difference between in-risk students versus at-risk students?

Our educational crisis is like a rising tide of water that is not affecting some of us but rapidly drowning all of us.

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