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E3 Goes to India

11/12/2017 0 Comments

In September, E3 traveled to New Delhi, India. E3's Executive Director, JuanCarlos, had a wonderful experience working with FEA India to explore the possibility of implementing E3's ESAT tool within FEA's program. FEA is an organization that serves disadvantaged youth to obtain skills and personal development to step into professional careers. They work with 18,000 students, ages 18-25. JuanCarlos made 6 site visits and worked with both FEA's students and FEA's leadership team. We are excited about the opportunity to continue to adapt E3's tools to an international context. 

We hope to return to India again next year to train the FEA teachers in how to implement the ESAT in their classrooms. 

See some photos from the trip below. 


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