5-year report:

Over the past 5 years, E3 has worked directly with nearly 200 students (25,000 indirectly through teacher trainings).  In that time, we have witnessed a rise in our students' GPA average from 1.68 to 2.06 (from failing to passing).  We have also seen student absences decline by nearly 50%.




2011-2012 school year: 

GraphE3 supported 100 “in-risk” students at 4 different school sites in Marin and Contra Costa Counties resulting in:

  • Decreased suspensions by 56%
  • Decreased absences by 19%
  • Students increased their overall G.P.A. from failing (1.9) to passing (2.1)

Graph "I recommend this program to everybody because it's a really good program and changes your way of thinking." 
--2011-2012 E3 student

"What I really liked is the structure; people actually participate and join in the activities. I also appreciate all the encouragement and support." 
--2011-2012 E3 student

"I have the problem that if I know I have an issue, I ignore it. But since I have joined this group, I have been able to recognize these issues and learn how to improve." 
--2011-2012 E3 student


Teachers also demonstrated successes as a result of E3's 2012-2013 program:

  • 80% of the teacher institute participants expressed there was a deeper understanding of the issues that prevent students from being engaged in their learning.
  • 81% of the participants reported that the E3 tools helped increase student engagement in their classrooms. 

The recipient of Marin County’s 2012 Golden Bell Teacher of the Year Award acknowledged E3’s contribution to her accomplishment:
 "I was selected as Golden Bell Teacher of the Year for SJMS and I KNOW it is partly because of the transformation I experienced as a teacher this year by focusing on the “being” with my students that I learned in E3 this summer. Thank you!!" 


Diane Santamorena 
Participating Teacher
San Jose Middle School


2010-2011 school year: 

E3 supported 100 “in-risk” students at 4 different school sites in Marin and Contra Costa Counties resulting in:

  • Students increased their overall G.P.A. (from failing 1.77 to passing 2.02)
  • Decreased suspensions by 80%
  • Increased attendance by 72%

100% of the 24 teachers trained and supported by E3 reported their ability to engage more students improved significantly. 

"I learned that you can do your homework and still be cool." 
2010-2011 E3 student


E3 staff, SPARK partners, and the youth who participated in SPARK apprenticeships and/or created their own digital stories, which were showcased at the 2010-2011 Discovery NIght Graduation Ceremony & Project Showcase! 


2009-2010 school year:

E3 provides teacher training & support to Barack Obama Academy in Oakland Unified School District (OUSD), contributing to the school's achievement of the highest API score among all 85 OUSD schools for that year. 


E3 receives award recognition from the following organizations:
The National Association for Multicultural Education
The Rose-Duhon-Sells Multicultural Program